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"This summer I started going to Jason Narber to help work through the pain of a hamstring strain.  I am so glad I did! Jason was recommended to me by a physical therapist in town because of the painless cupping technique he incorporates into massage sessions. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to work through pain, to relax and just to all around feel better."



Cupping can be useful in the treatment of chronic overuse injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis, tendonosis, plantar fasciitis and other myofascial pain syndromes (low back, mid back, neck pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain etc.)  Cupping is also very effective in changing scar tissue and adhesions. 

Cupping, otherwise known as vacuum therapy, is a form of soft tissue work where a mechanical vacuum pump is used, along with glass or polycarbonate vacuum cups and placed on the skin to release the fascia and muscle tissue underneath. 

Most manual therapy techniques utilized in therapeutic massage are compressive in nature (trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction, myofascial release), cupping works in the decompression of adhesions; reducing inhibitions of fluids and nutrient exchange. It is effective in decreasing stiffness and pain, improving tissue health and increasing mobility.

Cupping can be utilized for part or all of your session.  You don't need to book a "special" appointment for cupping.  Just let me know when you arrive for your appointment.  If you have never experienced cupping, give it a try today!

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